• VMI for Android
    Protect Mobile Data
    Even when users jailbreak their phones
  • Virtual Mobile Infrastructure
    Stop Data Loss
    Keep sensitive data off of mobile devices - Check out a demo today
  • Embedded Virtualization
      A hypervisor for automotive,
    industrial, and consumer devices.
  • ARM TrustZone
    Enabling a Trusted World
    Safeguard embedded devices with SierraTEE for ARM TrustZone.

Keep sensitive data off of mobile devices

What SierraVMI Can Do For You

Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) offers a broad array of benefits to enterprises, application developers, and smartphone and tablet manufacturers. By eliminating the need to install and manage applications on every device, VMI improves security and reduces operations costs.

Support All Devices

Support all of your users, including Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft, Firefox OS and Blackberry owners.

Prevent Data Loss

Avoid costly data breaches caused by physical data theft or malware by hosting applications remotely.

Streamline Operations

Eliminate the need to install and upgrade applications on all client devices; centrally manage applications in the cloud.
Android on Apple
Access Android-based mobile apps, such as healthcare apps, from any device.
low cost   

Developers: Grow Revenues

Reach all mobile users without having to port your apps to a myriad of client operating systems.
mobile for business   

Build Business-Ready Designs

Develop reference platforms for point-of-sale, healthcare, travel, inventory and other business apps.
Android VDI   

Safeguard Sessions

Leverage Sierraware's Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to provide the highest levels of security available.
ARM hypervisor

SierraVisor Hypervisor

The SierraVisor HyperVisor Development Toolkit empowers equipment manufacturers to run multiple operating systems on their ARM-based devices.

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SierraTEE Trusted World

As a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for ARM TrustZone, SierraTEE allows hardware manufacturers to bolster the security of their platforms.

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SierraDefense protects mobile devices from malware and rootkits with integrated live scanners and keylogger and screen capture protection.

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