• We are changing the way that data is secured
  • Enabling Secure Access from Any Device

    At Sierraware, we're dedicated to delivering breakthrough virtualization technologies that enable organizations to streamline IT operations and allow users to access services from any device.

    Founded in 2011, Sierraware provides a high-performance, virtualization and virtual mobile infrastructure solutions for embedded systems, servers, and cloud infrastructure.

    Our Products
    Sierraware is a leading provider of virtualization and security solutions. Sierraware products enable hardware manufacturers to effectively address rapidly growing market segments such as microservers for cloud computing, smart mobile phones, set-top boxes, and headless residential gateways. Sierraware offers a ready-to-use hypervisor and security and networking applications that support a wide range of ARM and MIPS architectures and SOCs.

    To address the growing need for remote and virtualized desktops in the cloud, Sierraware offers enterprise-class virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

    Sierraware is committed to meeting the requirements of its enterprise and equipment vendor customers by delivering best-of-breed application layer security software products today and in the future.

    Maximize the security of your devices with SierraTEE.