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Sierraware Protects Mobile Data and Allows Users to Access Android Apps from Any Device

SierraVMI empowers hundred of users to securely connect to a single Android VM instance

Sunnyvale, CA, February 4, 2015 - Sierraware, a pioneer in virtualization and security, today announced early availability access to the SierraVMI Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) platform. SierraVMI allows users to access corporate applications running in a datacenter or the cloud. SierraVMI virtualizes Android applications-applications that are designed for mobile devices with touch input and smaller screen size-providing the best possible remote application experience for mobile users.

With SierraVMI, organizations can:
  • Support "Bring Your Own Device" programs for all mobile devices with modern browsers, including Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Firefox OS.
  • Protect mobile data by storing data in datacenters rather than on end user devices
  • Streamline operations by upgrading and patching mobile applications in the datacenter rather than on each individual end user device.
  • Remove the need for costly Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions by monitoring and controlling access to applications in the cloud.

Meeting the most stringent security requirements of government, healthcare, and financial organizations, SierraVMI controls access with multifactor authentication, including biometric authentication. The SierraVMI clients can run in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to protect session data from malware or tampering.

SierraVMI-the equivalent of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for Android-empowers organizations to securely host Android applications in the cloud or the data center. Thousands of users can connect to a single, multi-tenanted Android instance at once, however SierraVMI creates separate profiles per user and isolates each session with secure containers. If desired, organizations can configure a distinct bare metal virtual instance per user for greater isolation.

Android application developers can also benefit from SierraVMI because they can reach more users on more platforms instantly, without needing to port their applications to multiple vendors' devices. Developers can also avoid piracy issues by hosting mobile applications in the cloud and requiring users to pay subscription fees to access the applications.

"Many companies today want to support BYOD initiatives, but they are concerned about data loss and malware," said Gopu Subramanian, CTO of Sierraware. "While MDM can help protect data, an increasing number of users jailbreak their phones, rendering MDM ineffective. Virtual mobile infrastructure protects mobile data by preventing it from being stored on mobile devices. SierraVMI leverages our market-first Android virtualization technology to provide a secure, high-performance virtual mobile platform for enterprises and government organizations."

Traditionally, business applications were developed for desktop computers, not mobile devices. As organizations began to embrace BYOD, they would roll out VDI as a means to extend application access to mobile users. Now, as business applications such as Microsoft Office for Tablet are developed directly for mobile devices, businesses need a solution that can centralize the management, monitoring, and maintenance of mobile applications. SierraVMI is that solution.

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