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Sierraware Releases Kubernetes for VMI and Desktop App Virtualization

Sunnyvale, CA, March 1, 2021 - Sierraware, a pioneer in VMI and Desktop App Virtualization, today announced the general availability of their VMI 2.0 software for Kubernetes. A scalable approach for Edge Computing and Hybrid Cloud, while dramatically cutting down hosting requirements.

While handling traditional cloud environments with best-in-class compatibility ranging from KVM, Open Stack to Amazon AWS; by adding support for Kubernetes Sierraware VMI and Desktop App Virtualization can now be hosted on various Edge Computing Providers. Several providers have already deployed VMI on Kubernetes in past, with general availability Sierraware enables rest of the eco-system partners and customers also benefit by lowering the hosting cost and platform requirements.

Key advantages
    - Lower TCO
    - VMI/Desktop App Virtualization for Game Streaming using Edge Computing
    - Seamlessly scale across Cloud and Edge

About Sierraware
Sierraware is a leading provider of virtualization and security solutions that change the way applications are accessed and data is secured. Sierraware's virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) software empowers developers to support all mobile platforms with a single app and to protect data and monitor user activity. For more information, visit, our blog and on Twitter.