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Sierraware Unveils First Virtual Mobile Infrastructure Service for AWS Marketplace

Customers can securely host mobile apps in the cloud to prevent data loss and to provide instant access to apps from anywhere in the world

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 03, 2018 – Sierraware, a pioneer in virtualization and security, today introduced SierraVMI for AWS, the industry’s first Virtual Mobile Infrastructure service for AWS Marketplace. Supporting a pay-as-you-go pricing model and the flexibility of cloud-based deployment, Sierraware makes it easy for customers to securely provision and host mobile apps in the cloud and ensure sensitive data is never downloaded to mobile devices.

SierraVMI for AWS allows customer to enjoy all of the advantages of the cloud—including on-demand scaling and elastic load balancing--while empowering enterprises to reclaim control of their mobile applications. Customers can use virtual mobile infrastructure for a variety of use cases, such as enforcing strong authentication and encryption for mobile apps, reducing the risk of data loss from lost or stolen devices, and centralizing mobile app management.

"Amazon AWS has become the world’s leading cloud platform because it allows organization to innovate quickly and scale their capacity on demand," said Gopal Jayaraman, CEO of Sierraware.  "SierraVMI for AWS makes it possible for VMI customers to benefit from the flexibility and cost savings of cloud computing. AWS also allows customers to run VMI services on a global scale, providing fast and reliable access to end users wherever they are."

SierraVMI for AWS Benefits

SierraVMI for AWS helps solve today's mobile security and operations challenges, by enabling organizations to host mobile apps on remote servers and provide personalized, instant access to those mobile apps from any device and location. It provides the flexibility and cost savings that AWS customers have come to expect. SierraVMI for AWS also allows customers to:

Eliminate data loss caused by device theft because sensitive data is never downloaded to mobile devices.

Develop apps once and support any mobile device. Customers no longer need develop mobile apps for multiple platforms or worry about supporting multiple software versions.

Centralize mobile app management. IT administrators no longer need to help users download and configure multiple apps on every device. Instead, they can manage and update mobile apps once for all users, reducing IT helpdesk and administrative costs.

Monitor user activity for unauthorized access or data leaks. Many traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions cannot track data access on unmanaged mobile phones. This provides a gap in defenses that users can exploit. With SierraVMI, organizations can regain control over mobile data, logging all data access and preventing users from storing data on their devices.

Enforce strong authentication. Cyber-attackers often exploit authentication weaknesses to gain access to sensitive corporate data. With SierraVMI, organizations can enforce dual-factor authentication using a combination passwords, passcodes, and client certificates to identify users.

Leverage AWS CloudFormation and AWS Elastic Load Balancing. SierraVMI supports AWS CloudFormation templates to ease deployment and management of SierraVMI instances. AWS Elastic Load Balancing load balances traffic to SierraVMI gateway and SierreVMI Android servers to maximize uptime and performance.

Empower users to access mobile games from any device. Cloud providers can now host mobile gaming services with Sierraware's mobile app virtualization technology. With SierraVMI App, mobile users can play Android games with astounding, console quality graphics because of the increased computing power and storage capacity of cloud gaming servers.

SierraVMI for AWS is now available here

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