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Sierraware Introduces VMI-in-a-Box for Turnkey Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

New virtual and hardware appliances streamline VMI deployment and drastically cut costs compared to VDI

SUNNYVALE, Calif., November 30, 2015 - Sierraware, a pioneer in virtualization and security, today introduced VMI-in-a-Box which allows small businesses to easily and affordably secure their mobile apps. This new, consolidated solution makes it easy for organizations to securely host mobile apps in the cloud and keep sensitive data off of mobile devices. VMI-in-a-Box simplifies the deployment of SierraVMI Virtual Mobile Infrastructure by providing an integrated and tested hardware appliance or a virtual appliance for KVM, Xen, and VMware ESX hypervisors.

BYOD initiatives have created new opportunities for organizations, but they have also introduced security and application management challenges. Businesses must look for new ways to manage and update apps, support a wide array of different mobile device platforms, and protect data, without touching users' personal data. Virtual Mobile Infrastructure solves these challenges by allowing organizations to host mobile apps securely in a data center and streams these apps to any device at any location.

VMI-in-a-Box offers all of the benefits of Virtual Mobile Infrastructure, but it also accelerates deployment and provides verified virtual and hardware appliances to optimize performance. It enables organizations to enforce strong authentication for mobile apps, reduce the risk of data loss from stolen devices, and satisfy regulatory requirements such as HIPAA compliance.

"As a simple, all-in-one solution, VMI-in-a-Box makes it easy for organizations that were intimidated by enterprise mobility management solutions to embrace mobile security," said Gopal Jayaraman, CEO of Sierraware. "The VMI-in-a-Box virtual appliance can be set up in minutes and then users can start streaming their business apps to users, while monitoring application access and preventing data loss."

VMI-in-a-Box Features
With VMI-in-a-Box, organizations can host mobile apps on remote servers and provide personalized, instant access to those mobile apps from any location. Features include:
  • A simple installation wizard that allows users to get up and running in minutes.
  • Dual-factor authentication with passwords, pin codes, client certificates or out-of-band authentication to verify user identity.
  • Camera, microphone, audio, notification, and GPS support replicate the native app experience while preventing sensitive data and images from being stored on personal phones.
Sierraware's VMI platform allows organizations to replace or augment their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions with a platform that was designed for mobile apps and clients. Plus, it drastically lowers software, hardware and operating costs compared to VDI. At between one fifth and one tenth of the cost of VDI, SierraVMI is the ideal choice for mobile security.

About Sierraware
Sierraware is a leading provider of virtualization and security solutions that change the way applications are accessed and data is secured. Sierraware's virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) software empowers developers to support all mobile platforms with a single app and to protect data and monitor user activity. SierraVisor Hypervisor and SierraTEE Trusted Execution Environment for ARM TrustZone deliver embedded virtualization platforms for ARM-based architectures. Learn more at, our blog and on Twitter.