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Applied Electronics Corp. signs sales agreement of SierraVMI

Applied Electronics will promote SierraVMI, Sierraware’s VMI (Virtual Mobile Infrastructure) product in the Japanese and Asian market.

Sunnyvale, CA, July 13, 2017 - Applied Electronics Corp. (Shinagawa Tokyo Japan, CEO Masahiro Yano) is pleased to announce the signing of a sales agreement with Sierraware LLC (Sunnyvale CA, CEO Gopal Jayaraman). Under the agreement, Applied Electronics will promote SierraVMI, Sierraware’s VMI (Virtual Mobile Infrastructure) product in the Japanese and Asian market.

Applied Electronics possesses a group of patents in Japan that concern secure network access utilizing virtual environments. Sierraware has concluded that utilizing Applied Electronics technology is highly beneficial when entering the Japanese market, and has signed the agreements.

Services are scheduled to start in Q2 2018.

About SierraVMI
SierraVMI is a VMI (Virtual Mobile Infrastructure), which virtualizes smartphones and mobile applications on a secure data server, and then runs the smartphones on the virtual environment. This provides protection of corporate data from loss or theft of company devices, and enables efficient management of corporate owned smartphones.

Users access a virtual smartphone on a SierraVMI server from their own smartphone or PC. Similar to a thin-client or VDI environment, all application programs and corporate data the user accesses are on the server. If the user loses the device, or it is stolen, a corporate network manager can lock the virtual smartphone to prevent data leakage.

With the recent commoditization of smartphone and tablets for mobile workplaces and telecommuting, security concerns such as data leakage and data breaches are now a much larger concern for corporate management. In addition, for corporate system management divisions, the number of daily tasks such as device delivery, software updates and support desks are increasing. SierraVMI provides an effective solution to these security and user management complications when implementing smartphones for business use.

A user can access SierraVMI from various mobile devices, including Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad or Windows PC. As users can choose their own devices from wide variety of types and all virtual devices use the same OS, it becomes easier to introduce telecommuting and BYOD to a corporation.

In addition, corporate system management divisions can easily install and update OS’s and software while managing user accounts in a centralized manner, as virtual smartphones exist on the server. Furthermore, as it is not necessary to install different software for different devices, device setup costs and daily management can be reduced. Similarly, in-house software development costs can be reduced, as it is unnecessary to develop for multiple platforms.

About Applied Electronics virtual environment patents and this agreement
As a result of years of research and development in secure network access using virtual environments, Applied Electronics currently possesses multiple patents that are applicable to various systems that require secure access via virtual environments such as VDIs and VMIs. Using these, we currently develop and provide the FKEY series, which allow users to construct secure access systems.

FKEY series website

Based on these patents and the product development history of Applied Electronics, Sierraware has signed a reseller agreement of their secure access product SierraVMI in the Japanese and Asian market. Additionally, Sierraware has agreed to the sales of their products in the Japanese market by Applied Electronics, which will be scheduled accordingly.

About Applied Electronics
Using secure access technologies based on virtual environments such as VDI and VMI, Applied Electronics Corp. provides technology that actualizes safe access to computer desktops and web services, a prerequisite for mobile and telecommuting environments in the cloud computing era.

As a result of years of research and development, Applied Electronics possess patents in secure network access using virtual environments in Japan, and propose secure access methods by isolation using virtual environments.

About Sierraware
Sierraware is a leading provider of virtualization and security solutions that change the way applications are accessed and data is secured. Sierraware's virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) software empowers developers to support all mobile platforms with a single app and to protect data and monitor user activity. SierraVisor Hypervisor and SierraTEE Trusted Execution Environment for ARM TrustZone deliver embedded virtualization platforms for ARM-based architectures. Learn more at, our blog and on Twitter.