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Sierraware launches vDesktop 2.0 Container based application streaming solution

Secure Desktop Application and Game streaming using Kubernetes

Sunnyvale, CA, November 1, 2019 - Sierraware, a pioneer in virtualization and security, announced it has released vDesktop 2.0 solution for hosting Linux and Windows apps. Built using the same foundation as SierraVMI mobile app hosting solution, Sierra-vDesktop allows for hosting of any Linux and Windows apps seamlessly.

Sierra-vDesktop enables the modern work from any where work culture, by allowing users to access their apps from a myriad of devices from Desktops, Mobile Devices and HTML5 clients.

Data security is a growing concern for consumers and businesses. Consumers want to access applications, play videos, and purchase goods from any device without worrying about security perimeter violations. Businesses must contend with an increasingly spread out workforce that uses phones and tablets to access enterprise data.

By leveraging Containers, enterprises can host apps with exceptionally low TCO. Easy to scale to adapt for large user base and heterogeneous infrastructure.

Sierra-vDesktop is available for in-house data centers, Edge Services and in Public Cloud.

About Sierraware
Sierraware is a leading provider of virtualization and security solutions that change the way applications are accessed and data is secured. Sierraware's virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) software empowers developers to support all mobile platforms with a single app and to protect data and monitor user activity. For more information, visit, our blog and on Twitter.