Sierraware Products

SierraVMI for Mobile Apps

Secure mobile data and allow employees and business partners to access Android applications from any device. SierraVMI reduces the risk of data breaches by storing mobile data in the cloud, not on users' devices.

SierraVisor Hypervisor

Extend virtualization to embedded, ARM-based devices to support a host of next-generation solutions and to run Linux and legacy real-time operating systems at the same time. SierraVisor is delivered as a source code SDK.

SierraTEE for ARM TrustZone

Leverage ARM TrustZone extensions with the SierraTEE Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). SierraTEE is a comprehensive implementation of ARM TrustZone and conforms to GlobalPlatform specifications.

Browser Isolation

Sierraware’s Integrated Browser Isolation and VMI offers best in class security for all devices; either Mobile or Desktop. With detailed logs and real time information about user access. Easing today’s IT management by deploying Brower isolation and VMI using a unified platform.

SierraDefense for Malware

Stop malware targeting mobile devices with SierraDefense. Combining a file scanner, live application scanner, kernel rootkit scanner and more, SierraDefense helps eliminate costly data breaches and loss of intellectual property.

Virtualization for Android

The SierraVisor Hypervisor for Android is the first true end-to-end solution that includes all the features needed for a complete Android stack. The SierraVisor for Android also allows smartphones and tablets to run heterogeneous operating environments like QT and DirectFB with Android.
Maximize the security of your devices with SierraTEE.