Embedded Virtualization Solutions

Bring your smart, connected devices and vehicles to market faster and lower development costs with Sierraware virtualization software development toolkits.

Sierraware's Dual Hypervisor for ARM-based devices enable device manufacturers to simultaneously run multiple operating systems and to take advantage of TrustZone hardware security extensions to protect sensitive data. Sierraware's solutions support a wide range of industries.

Solutions by Industry and Application

Government and Defense
Sierraware provides security and virtualization solutions for government and defense equipment including mobile devices to servers, controllers, and military vehicles and systems.

Mobile Devices
Open Virtualization SDK for ARM TrustZone protects sensitive data like encryption keys, NFC payment applications and rights managed content; a hypervisor allows operating systems like Linux and Android to run at the same time.

Set-Top Boxes and Residential Gateways
Protecting digital rights managed content like streaming video and music is essential for set-top boxes and residential gateways. Open Virtualization provides the software to leverage ARM TrustZone security extensions.

An array of ARM-based servers are set to hit the market in the next twenty-four months; these servers must support virtualization to meet cloud computing requirements. Sierraware's Dual Hypervisor provides a cost-effective, manageable solution for ARM servers.

Industrial Automation
Factory equipment and machines often need to support advanced new features while maintaining existing capabilities. Sierraware's Dual Hypervisor allows equipment manufacturers to run legacy operating systems with Linux or BSD systems without sacrificing performance.

Legacy RTOS
The Sierraware Dual Hypervisor enables hardware manufacturers to leverage Linux or BSD software modules without needing to port their existing software from legacy Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS). Sierraware's virtualization solutions host multiple systems on a single device.