Secure VDI Infrastructure

Secure VDI and VMI Infrastructure

Lower payroll costs, improve productivity, and satisfy diverse work style requirements to by supporting flexwork options. Increase Productivity and Boost Employee Satisfaction

Businesses today are embracing telecommuting and flexwork strategies to recruit and retain the best talent and to increase employee output. Rather than spending hours commuting or having to shorten the workday to perform necessary tasks, employees have the power to choose when and where they will work.

Employers can more effectively gauge the productivity of their employees by reviewing accomplishments rather than hours spent in the office. Adopting telecommuting options can also help organizations reduce payroll and office expenses.

Empower Employees to Adopt Flexwork
To roll out effective telecommuter and flexwork strategies, organizations should ensure employees can access their applications and data from any location and from any device. Easy access - without complicated IPsec VPN setups or device restrictions - will improve employee morale and reduce IT helpdesk costs. Ideally, employee's user experience should be the same whether working from home or from the office, without slow and unresponsive applications or frequent access disruptions.

Protecting Business Data
Remote and virtually-hosted desktops and applications can introduce new security risks, because a single malware infection can compromise hundreds of users. Therefore, organizations must protect users and data to prevent breaches and to satisfy compliance.

Sierraware Solutions for Telecommuting and Flexwork
Sierraware provides high-performance application and desktop virtualization solutions, with ultra-fast H.265 compression and multimedia redirection for optimal desktop and server access.

Firefall application hypervisors protect applications from host-level malware infections and attacks. Integrating seamlessly with remote access and SSL VPN gateways, SierraVDI empowers telecommuters to work from any location, while still accessing the applications and data they need to be productive.